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In these sessions, Hatha Yoga is taught on a personal level to each individual according to their specific needs and levels of practice. Here yoga is taught through the mind, body, and spirit connection. With extensive trainings in Anatomy, and Kinesiology, Yoga Philosophy, Therapuetics, Meditation, Chakra and Subtle Body Awareness, Pranyama (breath control) and using the intuitive guidance of an 18 year personal practice, Krista will guide you in the safest and most complete yoga instruction for you, your body and its specific needs.


Private Yoga Instruction is highly recommended for…

  • Those that want to learn the basics or fundamentals of Yoga. but may be intimidated by  group classes

  • Students that are recovering from a specific injury and need the practice catered to them and their own healing

  • Students that are looking to focus on a particular element of the practice such as pranyama, more advanced postures or even developing a personal  meditation practice

  • Individuals that are looking to open up their bodies gently using restorative stretches and yoga props for support.


Prices Include:

$100 per session

$450 - 5 session pack

$800 - 10 session pack


Client love:

“I so look forward to Krista's class. She brings such a wealth of experience and deep sense of humanity to her manner of teaching. She has the remarkable ability to be inclusive and empathize with students at all levels. She Offers guidance where we feel the integrity of our practice regardless of our perceived limitations as well as offering the most experienced students the grace to go deeper.”

Sach Wagner || Mother, Yogi, Art Gallery Owner & Director Midori Gallery


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for Group Classes:

Dharma Yoga Studio Coconut Grove

MONDAYS: 9am Vinyasa Yoga

MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY: 4:30pm Slow Gentle Flow Yoga

THURSDAYS: 12:15pm Gentle Stretchy Yoga

Mood Life Club Key Biscayne

FRIDAYS: 9am Flow Mood


Outdoor Yoga

MONDAYS: 6:30pm Open Yoga at Peacock Park Coconut Grove

SATURDAYS: 8am Free Community Class at Hotel Arya 8th Floor Terrace

(sponsored by Coconut Grove BID and Dharma Yoga Studio