massage therapy


These sessions are personally guided to one’s immediate needs based on 19years of massage experience and training in specific modalities such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiin Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Isolated Deep Stretching and Anatomy of Healing Light Bodywork. These sessions are designed to bring harmony back to the body through physical manipulation, stretching, pressure points, fluid movements, and percussive stimulation. This dance will create space within the body while moving stagnant energy and releasing tension.


Massage Therapy can be used as a part of ones regular, wellness routine or may be called upon in specific times when the body has begun to give signals that something is in pain or out of balance.

Allowing the body to be supported and relaxed will make the clients quality of life more harmonious and free. It is an act of Self Care and Self Love that is being asked for and well deserved.

*prices may change depending on in house/ off site and specific mileage



$100 One Hour

$140 for 1 ½ Hour Massage

$190 for 2 hour massage


Client love:

“Krista is a fantastic massage therapist. She is one of the few who involves not only the physical but emotional and mental bodies in her services. She clears out energetic blocks and helps move out old emotional blockages. She Taylor makes each massage to your specified needs and Has the ability to create movement in long stagnated areas.”

Juliana Camargo || Yogi


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